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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) One Cambria County woman is donating food in her community and most recently celebrated her birthday feeding kids.

Donna LaMonaca has been working as a TSA supervisor at Johnstown-Cambria County Airport for 18 years.

She and her family have been donating extra cartons of milk to school students.

According to a spokesperson from the Office of Public Affairs Transportation Security Administration, a local school system in the area donated its surplus of single-size cartons of milk to the St. Vincent DePaul Family “Soup” Kitchen so that the milk could be distributed instead of having it expire.”

However, when LaMonaca received a call informing her all of the milk wasn’t able to be distributed, she decided to help.

“I received a call from the Family Kitchen because they could not distribute all of the extra milk they had been gifted. We decided to suit up in masks and gloves and take the milk to where there would be a lot of kids in need, and we went to a low-income housing unit with a simple sign— ‘Free milk’,” said LaMonaca.

For her birthday on Sunday, she and her friends came together to buy 250 single-size pizzas for local kids.

Lamonaca says she’ll continue to help to make sure the kids are fed.

LaMonaca with pizzas
For her birthday, Johnston-Cambria County Supervisory Transportation Security Administration Officer Donna LaMonaca asked her friends not to get her gifts and instead asked them to contribute funds so she could buy single-serving pizzas for kids in need. Her friends came through and she was able to purchase 250 pizzas according to a TSA public release (Photo courtesy of Donna LaMonaca)

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