SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Three people are being charged after an alleged robbery where a man was beaten and threatened at gunpoint at a Windber home.

On June 13, Windber police were sent to the 500 block of Main Street for what was later described as a completed armed robbery, according to the criminal complaint. The man told police he went to the home to meet with 20-year-old James Alan Rickabaugh, of Tyrone, who he allegedly met on Tinder. However, the man reported there were two other people in the home: 21-year-old Tyanne Joy Dempsie, of Windber, and 28-year-old Qudir Elijah White, of Conemaugh.

Once the man went into Rickabaugh’s room, he told police Dempsie came in while holding a gun and demanded his keys, wallet, cell phone, and the pin to his cards and telephone. The man said White also followed her to the room.

When the man refused to hand over the items, he alleged that Dempsie hit him in the face several times while White struck him in the chest and shoulder. Dempsie also reportedly used a cigarette lighter and burned the man’s eyelid. Furthermore, the man claimed Dempsie attempted to use a razer to scrape his face until he would provide the pin information to his accounts.

The man told police he gave Dempsie a false pin to his First Commonwealth Bank card. Then, Dempsie and White tried to send themselves money from the man’s phone using CashApp but were unsuccessful. Dempsie allegedly handed the gun off to White while she left with the card to withdraw money, police noted in the complaint.

It’s reported that Dempsie returned after a short time, saying the pin was wrong. The man told police Dempsie threatened to beat him some more if he did not give her the right pin. During this time, White was allegedly holding the grip of the gun to the man’s head to make sure he would tell the right pin.

The man gave Dempsie the right pin, and she left a second time to try to use the card. When she came back, she never stated if she was actually able to retrieve the money or not, police noted. The man was eventually let go, though he was allegedly threatened that if he told anyone, they would go to his home and hurt his mother.

The man’s bank stated that there were transitions from First Commonwealth Bank in Richland, Sheetz on Scalp Avenue, and the First Commonwealth Bank in Windber during that night, according to the police report.

Further into the investigation, police reported that video footage from Sheetz showed White using the ATM during the same time the bank stated the transaction occurred. Footage from the ATM cameras at the First Commonwealth Bank branches also reportedly showed Dempsie using the bank card.

On June 23, Rickabaugh went to the police station to report what happened the night of the alleged robbery, according to the affidavit. He said he witnessed Dempsie and White hold the man at gunpoint as well as using his bank card and phone to steal his money.

The man told police that $360 in cash was withdrawn from his bank account when Dempsie and White were using his card. He further said that $1,700 was attempted to be transferred from his CashApp account to Dempsie’s account, though it was unsuccessful. The total amount attempted to steal was $2,060.

Rickabaugh, Dempsie and White are all charged with multiple felonies, including robbery, aggravated assault and access to counterfeit devices. Other charges include theft, receiving stolen property, unlawful restraint and harassment.

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Rickabaugh was lodged in Cambria County Prison Friday after failing to post 10 percent of his $75,000 cash bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled to take place Aug. 10.

Dempsie and White have not yet been arraigned on their charges as of July 15.