Trailhead project in Elk County continues to grow

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ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A trailhead project more than three years in the works is starting to come together.

After applying for a feasibility study through the DCNR back in 2019, the Elk County Riders Club is eyeing areas to put together a trail spanning across townships and municipalities. And after being approved to lease land in Fox Township earlier this week, the project is starting to come together.

“This project is going to take off, and it’s going to be communities connected with trails,” said Cheryl Ruffner, the director of Elk County Riders Club.

Creating a trail to connect the community has been the goal since first starting the “Trail of Dreams.” Illegal ATV riding on roads is a major problem throughout the entire county. This project will not only serve as a way to police ATV riding and keep all riding legal, but the organizations vice president says this project serves a bigger purpose.

“We’re trying to make it a legal place for them to do that, and you can market it and bring people here which will create economy,” said Donald Ruffner, the Elk County Riders Club’s vice president.

Fox Township supervisors say while this project was approved to move forward, there were some questions.

“But they’re really not connected,” said Matt Pontzer, a Fox Township supervisor. “You can’t get from one to the other without driving on someone’s personal property.”

After almost 20 years of different groups trying to make a trail in Elk county happen, the proposed project by the Ruffner’s could end up ranging anywhere from 20 miles to over 100 miles, depending on what townships approve this trail project. But one thing Cheryl is sure of is this trail will happen.

“I see it growing. And I know we’re gonna do it. Where exactly? Pinpoint I don’t know what we’re gonna do it and were already started,” said Ruffner.

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