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Not many people know that there’s one of the best classic car collections in the North East right in Altoona. And we found the master mechanic that’s been largly responsible for building these multi-million dollar award winners. 

At Lenny Fiore’s Classic Car Collection and Museum in downtown Altoona, Lenny Fiore has 30 cars that he takes to shows around the country. They have 7 national championship cars in the collection. Wayne Farabaug became Lenny’s chief restorer 16 years ago. His secret to sucess comes down to 1 word, “details”.

He put 40,000 hours into the restoration of this 1951 Bently Mark 6 drophead coupe. His expertise extends to all aspects of the cars. And this expert has some advice for any vehicle owner. He says”Longevity of a car is only as good as the person that’s taking care of it.”
That means regular maintenance. Wayne says, “Make sure you get your brakes done on time, wheel bearings are done, make sure you’re driving on good tires.”

His biggest tip, get your oil changed every 3 months or 5 thousand miles, whichever comes first.
After 3 months, oil breaks down and separates whether you’re driving the car or not. He says it’s usually not the type of vehicle that determines how long it lasts, its how its treated.

Wayne answered questions Monday night from people who wanted to get some tips on how to keep their vehicle running in top shape. To watch that, click here. 

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