Tips for drivers to stay safe during winter storm

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All Emergency Services in Bedford County said they are prepared and ready for the two-day storm ahead, and the EMA Director had some common sense tips for viewers across the region.

Dave Cubbison, Bedford County’s Director of Emergency Services, advises everyone to be cautious, and stay off the roads, if possible.

“If people notice that the roads are icing up, they’re going to have to rethink their plan,” Cubbison said.

“If you are starting to run into to some slick conditions, you may want to say, “no, slow down, back up, go home.”

Although many of the major roads were pretreated Wednesday morning in anticipation for the snow and ice, they may still be dangerous.

“Well, we tell people that when the water is warm and moving, don’t drive through it. Turn around, don’t drown. Well, on ice we say basically the same thing: go very slow, go very easy, and if you don’t have to go, say no. it’s as simple as that.

Cubbison added the number one thing people need to know when driving through this type of weather is checking social media for up to date weather and road condition. He also advises people keep food, water, blankets, and a fully-charged phone in their car.

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