Tik Tok challenge Devious Licks sparks vandalism in AASD

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – The social media craze Tik Tok is commonly known for its funny videos and catchy dance challenges that kids can’t help but imitate, but a new trend isn’t so harmless. “Devious Licks” challenges kids to one up the other by stealing school property or vandalizing school bathrooms; a nationwide problem, it seems the challenge has made it’s way locally to Central PA.

According to Altoona Area School District’s superintendent Dr. Charles Prijatelj, they’ve been experiencing vandalism in their high school bathrooms, with students emptying emptying soap dispensers and throwing the soap all on the walls and mirrors.

“We’ve had trash cans moved on top of toilets. We’ve had issues with paper towels all over the bathroom floor and people…well we had one incident where they actually peed on the floor,” said Prijatelj.

While Dr. Prijatelj says they’ve caught a few perpetrators, he says the high school has tightened down on their restroom monitoring procedures to hopefully put an end to the mischief.

“All restrooms are checked every period, by faculty and we do have surveillance cameras in the hallways so we can tell whose been going in and out of a restroom, so we have the ability to basically get down to whoever did the deed to be brought in and dealt with,” said Prijatelj.

For any kids who still think that they might be able to outslick administration and get away with it, Dr. Prijatelj says it’s not worth the effort to even try.

“There are a lot more constructive things they can do besides entertaining themselves with a Tik Tok video. A lot of our sporting teams are doing really really well, we’ve got a lot of kids in school every day, a lot of great things happening and quite frankly this is just an unnecessary distraction that makes it harder for us to do what we do well which is educate children,” said Prijatelj.

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