Tide uncovers shipwreck on North Carolina beach

Local News

SURF CITY, N.C  —  Every now and again you might get lucky and find a nice seashell or something cool on the beach.

But visitors in North Carolina got a nice surprise as the tide uncovered wreckage from a 100-year-old shipwreck!

The remains have been there for a century, but they’re usually buried in the sand.

Officials in Surf City say the remains of the William H. Sumner show up once or twice a year when the tide uncovers them.

The schooner sank in 1919 while carrying mahogany and phosphate rock from the West Indies to New York.

Authorities advise beach-goers it’s o-k to look at the wreckage and take pictures of it, but not to touch it.

Removing or damaging shipwreck is apparently against state law.

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