Three Firefighters Honored for Rescuing Woman from Burning House

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Three Altoona firefighters were honored at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, for saving a woman in May.

Lisa Cuff says she woke up to the sound of fire alarms and the smell of smoke on May 2nd.  The last thing she remembers is walking through a hallway. Then she blacked out…Tonight she was able to thank the man that saved her.
On May 2nd, Kelly Dilling with the Altoona Fire Department saved her life….
“He’s my hero, he’s my hero, he’s my angel,” Cuff said.
Dilling heard her coughing and rushed to find her.
“We have a job to do, we’re going to go do it, and we’re gonna’ do it to the best of our ability,” Capt. Dilling said.  “I was fortunate that night tht we were abke to recover the victim that was able to survive and she’s here with us today.”
Fire Chief Tim Hileman gave Captain Dilling special pins Wedneday night and Lisa painted this image for him, his hand pulling her to safety…
Lisa says that day changed her…
“Life has a lot more meaning to you and people and things around you.”
Chief Tim Hileman says this situation should remind us all of three words to prevent fires,”Look, listen and learn.”

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