Thousands attend Jehovah’s Witness convention

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Around 3,000 people traveled to Johnstown this weekend for the annual Jehovah’s Witness convention at the Cambia County War Memorial.

“People are being abused all the time. There’s violence. These things just indicate that we’re living that much closer to the end. So, we’ve made it this far. Perhaps just a few years or perhaps a few decades makes no sense to give up right now,” Clayton Duraham, media relations, said.  

 That’s why the 2017 convention’s theme is “Don’t Give Up.”

Despite what may be going on in the world, Duraham said it is important to keep pushing forward, no matter what the struggle may be.

“There’s a lot of challenges out there that…the bible gives us many examples to help keep us…give us the strength that we need to endure,” Duraham said.  

Over a span of several weekends, Jehovah’s Witnesses from Central Pennsylvania and around the globe will gather for fellowship and learn lessons from the bible.

“It just makes me feel encouraged, getting to go home after this, I just feel energized. I don’t know, it makes me happy,” Jehovah’s Witness Ellis Bott said.

Officials said the convention is open to anyone, with hopes of encouraging others to learn about their practice.

The atmosphere of the convention helps give them something to look forward to despite what conflicts they encounter in society.

“With the family, there’s so much emphasis on family today and keeping us all strong, spiritually guided, listening to what the bible says…we just enjoy it,” Jehovah’s Witness Chad Bott said.

 Thousands of people are expected to once again make their way to Johnstown next weekend for the last part of the convention. 

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