CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Since 1962, the tallest Santa Claus in Pennsylvania has been watching over Philipsburg.

Standing at 37 feet tall, this Santa, his giant bag of toys, and six watchful toy soldiers are a holiday classic in Centre County.

The larger-than-life statue was created by local artist Bill Adams as part of an American Legion project. Adams chose to make Santa 37 feet tall in honor of his 1937 Philipsburg High School Class.

Santa has stood at a few locations, including the American Legion Post 437, the Harbor Inn, and Mitchell Oil. The big man in red took a hiatus for wear-and-tear repairs, and in 2005, the Philipsburg Elks Lodge #1173 restored Santa and placed him in his forever home: the Cold Stream Dam.

When you check out this landmark, look for the winking solider, nicknamed “Winky”, and the hidden letter “A” in the toy sack, which stands for “Adams” and is the artists signature on the artwork.