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JOHNSTOWN, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Richland School District is getting a new key system and the keys will be similar to a key fab you would use to get into your car.

They are replacing traditional keys with new cyber smart keys that can be individually programmed to each staff member or teacher.

“It’s a way to improve our security, keep track of our keys, give proper access to our staff and just to secure all of the entrances,” says Superintendent, Arnold Nadonley.

He says the electronic keys add a new measure of protection for the school.

“When a traditional key gets lost, someone can find it, it’s marked what it’s for and they can get into the building. This no longer happens with the CyberKey because a CyberKey is programmed that if you lose it we immediately discontinue the programming.”

They will be dispersing nearly 350 keys to staff and teachers that will be used throughout the elementary school, high school, fieldhouse and stadium.

The district applied for a grant last year and received around $170,000 toward the project from the state, costing them only about $20,000.

Nadonley says long-term, there will be huge savings for taxpayers.

“If they lost a master key and it went out in public, to change an entire building like this high school, you’re talking a couple hundred thousand dollars just to change locks or re-key the building for one lost key.”

In the six years, Nadonley has been superintendent, he says there haven’t been any security issues but says they wanted to stay on top of security, instead of playing catch-up.

The project is expected to be completed sometime in the next two weeks.

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