HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– This year the Huntingdon Daily News is celebrating its 100th year of stories and print.

The first edition was published on January 31, 1922. The paper was originally owned by the Biddle family, until transitioning to new ownership under Sample News Group, led by George “Scoop” Sample in 1991.

Sample said how he loves Huntingdon County and the job his reporters do.

“Huntingdon County is unique in that it has a collection of absolutely wonderful and amazing people, and our reporters do a fabulous job of telling their story.”

The current publisher hopes their focus on local stories will continue to propel the paper into its next 100 years.

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They’re celebrating the anniversary with a special concert at the Huntingdon County fair grandstand when the Roots & Boots Tour comes on August 9.