The Height of Deer Related Crashes Season

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November is the peak for deer related car crashes.

Deer often pop out of nowhere with little warning when you’re driving, but there are some things you can do to avoid an accident.

November is the peak of “rutting” for male deer.  Which involves bucks fighting with each other, rolling around in the mud and mating.

This need to mate outside their a home range, means deer are constantly moving around.

“Home ranges go from less than a square mile to maybe two, three or four square miles,”Duane Diefenback, PSU Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology, said.  “So when they do that they’re crossing a lot more roads and more likely to encounter cars.”
PennDOT puts up signs where deer crashes are more likely to happen. 

“The one thing to pay attention is, deer are probably more likely to cross where the trees come close to the road, so that might be an area to pay more attention.”

While deer may be moving around and crossing roads at any time, pay the most attention at dawn and dusk.

In Pennsylvania the height of the deer rut is November 18th, and it typically lasts till early December.

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