ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — George Frank is a man of many talents, and he loves to build things. He built an incredible replica of Peoples Natural Gas Field, but that’s not his only impressive project. He’s a lifelong Altoona resident and in 1992 he started building a town like it, but with his own personal touch.

“This is Georgetown,” said Frank. “I have a George ice cream place and George’s restaurant and it’s my little town.”

You will see his name plastered all over the city. Georgetown started small and has grown exponentially the past 30 years.

“You dream of all this stuff. Your mind is never still,” Frank said. “I’m dreaming of stuff to make and once you get everything built and if you don’t have any more room you go back and change things, you know little things. There’s always something to do.”

Everything imaginable is in Georgetown and Frank has one way to describe it.

“Very busy place.”

One quick glance at Georgetown proves that. Frank’s attention to detail is spot on and his goal with Georgetown was to find a way to bring it to life.

“I knew I wanted to build houses and I was in the elevator business, so the moving business and I like to see stuff move, whether it’s an incline plane or the cars going around, or the window over in the corner.”

One of Frank’s favorite things are trains, and Georgetown is filled with them.

“It all started out I only had two trains when I was growing up and then after Joyce and I got married, we got into setting up trains for the grandkids and that’s what happened, and I got really involved.”

Frank is never done with the project and he’s always looking for ways to add to his town.

“If you stop doing whatever you’re doing and you don’t do it anymore, then you just lose interest. So, there’s always something to do.”

What he adds next is a mystery, but that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about it.