The Approach To Beating The Heat From All Centre County School Districts

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Centre County, Pa- When most people hear about school letting out early due to extreme weather…. they think snow. But the reason for early dismissal Tuesday at Phillipsburg-Osceola school district was at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum.

Temperatures reached at least 90 degrees which prompted the district, who’s high school and elementary schools do not have air conditioning, to announce an early dismissal.

But not all schools with buildings that lack air conditioning let out early. State College Area School District (SCASD) is instead transporting about 600 elementary kids without A-C to middle and high schools.

Dr. Robert O’ Donnell, Superintendent of State College Area School District said,
“It’s not ideal… I appreciate our teachers and our elementary principles for their flexibility. We think this is obviously a better solution than sending kids home early.”

Which ultimately gives students a more complete school day. And SCASD doesn’t have a threshold temperature for early dismissal, instead they look at other factors

“When you look at the temperature and the humidity, I think it goes hand in hand,” O’Donnell said.

Bellefonte Area School District pays close attention to the thermometer, moving elementary kids without air conditioning to the middle and high schools when room temperatures reach the 93 to 95 degree benchmark. If the upper schools can’t hold the volume of kids needed, everyone is sent home early.

Penn’s Valley and Bald Eagle Area School Districts don’t face any heat related issues as all of their school buildings are air conditioned.

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