Text messages, interview recording play large role in PSU professor murder trial testimony

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A text message Danelle Geier sent played a large role in Tuesday’s testimony. When questioned about it, she told police she had been aware of plans to kill the professor 

The lead investigator told the court that Geier sent a text to George Ishler that said, “So ready. I’m so p****.” Ishler replied he was on his way, and she said she was so tired of Ronald Bettig telling her how to raise her son. 

When police asked her if “so ready” referenced Bettig being killed — she told them yes but then didn’t want it to happen the next morning. 

The state trooper also testified that Geier told them multiple times that she was aware of a plot to kill Bettig during their trip to the beach and at the quarry. 

Her attorney argued she was concerned for her and her son’s safety because Ishler had threatened and raped her. 

Police testified that Geier did tell them she was concerned for her safety but never mentioned being raped. 

The audio recording of George Ishler telling police that he was the one that pushed Ronald Bettig off the cliff was also played in court. 

Ishler’s attorney has been arguing that Bettig jumped from the cliff and Ishler never pushed him, but on the recording, Ishler is heard saying he planned to kill Bettig on a beach trip but never did.

On their way back Ishler said he told the professor he had pot plants at the quarry he wanted to check on. 

Ishler then told police he and Bettig struggled at the quarry’s edge.  Ishler said to them he had second thoughts and almost fell off himself before he pushed the professor. After Bettig fell, Ishler was heard saying he heard a “crunch.”

Ishler’s attorney is also arguing that officers pressured him into confessing.

Court is expected to start again Wednesday morning.

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