Television donations are costing Goodwill big bucks to recycle

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There’s a donation dilemma at the Goodwill Industries in Falls Creek. “In the nicest way possible we just don’t want them,”  laughs Vice President of donation development Nickolas Suplizio.

The television sets are piled high at good will industries. There’s so many, there’s no space for anything else. “There’s all these televisions  but there’s no where to put donated items,” explains Suplizio.

Four tractor trailers on the lot are already overflowing and a fifth is expected to be filled. The cost of moving them all will cost the non profit. more than 100 thousand dollars. 

“It goes way beyond the televisions. We have to pay the people to do what’s right to get rid of them,” says Suplizio

Goodwill tries to make it convenient, accepting donations at many of their retail stores. There’s a sign hanging on the door of the donation center in Dubois explaining they no longer accept tvs. However, Gooodwill says it doesn’t stop people from leaving them. “We let them know if they bring them to a donation center or a store that we don’t accept them. So they’ll bring them back after hours so we still have to take them,” explains Suplizio. 

This problem at goodwill goes hand in hand with an increase of dumping electronics seen throughout the county. It’s believed to be brought on by the covered device recycling act passed by the state legislature.  

“It’s across the state where manufacturers to provide these outlets aren’t there,” explains Dirctor of the Solid Waste Authority in Clearfield County, Jodi Brennan. 

A one day recycling event will be held in clearfield county at the end of the month, people can bring their tv’s to be safely removed. However, get ready to pay out of pocket, around 50 cents a pound.   

“It is a concern that the public has no conveient outlets for this material and when an outlet is provided such as our one day event it’s at their expense,” says Brennan. 

The event will be held on August 26th. You must pre-register to guarantee yourself a spot by calling 1-866-815-0016 or on their website. 

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