Teen stops in Huntingdon County, as he visits World War II veterans across the country

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In a quaint Mount Union neighborhood, World War II hero Joseph Giacobello sits on his front porch with stories to tell.
“I try to forget some of them, but I remember them,” Giacobello said.
Rishi Sharma comes all the way from California to meet him.
“Look at him,” Sharma said looking at one of his heroes. “He’s the best looking guy in PA!”
The 19-year-old dropped everything, making it his mission to travel across the country and talk to living, breathing history books every day.
“There ought to be a line of people outside their houses begging to come in just to meet them and talk to them because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Sharma said.
Giacobello is a veteran Sharma has been anxious to meet.
The 98-year-old is a decorated soldier. He’s received high honors like the distinguished service cross, 2 silver stars, and purple heart medal.
“To me those boys that lost their lives are my heroes,” Giacobello told us.
Real heroes with real stories. That’s the goal as the two sit and talk about the past, making sure legacies live on.
“It should be called Giacobello, PA, where heroes are born,” Sharma said with a smile on his face.
Sharma is always looking to talk to WWII combat veterans. You can contact him by calling (818) 510-2892.

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