SAXTON, BEDFORD COUNTY – Nikki Gephart was the recipient of the Teacher of the Month Award for May presented by The Allied Milk Producers and WTAJ. She is an 8th grade teacher at Tussey Mountain School District. Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t visit the school, but we were able to chat with her through a Zoom interview!

Mrs. Gephart not only puts in time during the school day, but is also the coordinator for an after school program called After3. After3 provides a place for the students to work on homework or get help with tutoring. She even gives up some of her evening time to help continue to mentor the kids.

“Mrs. G” as she is known, actually found her passion for teaching after being a tutor in her last few years of earning her bachelors degree. It is clear she genuinely cares about helping her students succeed and be leaders in the future.

Mrs. Gephart told us, “We had the understanding and the idea of how important it is to be one community, and be together, and kids are always at the center of that, because they are the future of our country and more so small and then big, they are the future our community and where they go from there is really really important and that is what makes teaching, such a blessing.”

Mrs. G said it has not been easy teaching through the pandemic, but they have learned a lot of different ways to communicate with their students. She also said it is not just her making a difference, but it takes the whole team at Tussey Mountain School district to help these kids be a success.

Congrats Mrs. Gephart on being the Allied Milk Producers and WTAJ’s Teacher of the Month!