CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Suspended Somerset District Attorney Jeff Thomas’ wife was arraigned Wednesday morning on perjury and other charges.

Amy Lee Thomas, 37, was charged with felony perjury as well as misdemeanor charges of false/misleading testimony, hindering prosecution, obstructing the administration of law, false swearing and harassment.

Earlier this year, Jeff was charged in Cambria County court for the alleged assault of his wife in May 2021. Amy testified at his preliminary hearing on May 20 claiming her husband never assaulted her. Instead, she told the court that she and Jeff got into an argument outside of The Haven, a bar in Johnstown, and struck him. The two then rode home in separate vehicles, and she wrecked into a median, causing her injuries, according to Amy. Amy then alleged that she called her father-in-law to tow the vehicle.

Furthermore, Amy denied sending text messages and photos to a friend that Jeff was beating her. She also denied actively video calling her sister during the assault, saying that Jeff wouldn’t stop hitting her.

Jeff was arrested on April 25 for the alleged 2021 assault after Amy’s sister reported the incident to police and provided photos of her sister’s injuries. During the perjury investigation, state police obtained text message conversations between Amy and her sister.

On the day Jeff was arrested, Amy texted her sister, threatening her by saying things such as, “I hope you die,” according to court documents. Amy also reportedly said, “If you testify to the lies that you told the police, I will file a private criminal complaint against you for perjury, and I will be filing a defamation case against you for this,” police noted.

Amy allegedly showed up at her sister’s house on April 26, yelling that her sister had ruined her life. Amy’s sister was not home, though her fiance was. He told police that he repeatedly told Amy to leave and threatened to call the police, though that made her angrier. Amy eventually left, and her sister filed an Emergency Protection from Abuse order against her.

Investigators also gathered records from Verizon to see if Amy had called her father-in-law during the night of the incident. Police noted no such call existed. However, police said they found Amy had called 911 that night screaming “please help me!” multiple times as well as “he’s holding my mouth shut,” according to the affidavit. The 911 operator asked for her address, and Amy said “Southmont Boulevard,” which is where The Haven is located. The call then disconnected.

Dispatchers called Amy back after the call was disconnected, though it’s reported she didn’t answer until over 10 minutes later. During the second call, Amy told the dispatcher that they were now in Windber and that Jeff hit her in the face and pulled her hair, according to the records obtained by police. When dispatchers asked where Jeff was now, a male voice can be heard whispering “stop” and “you’re going to ruin our lives.” The call again disconnected.

On April 29, Amy also testified regarding a motion filed by the Commonwealth to revoke Jeff’s bond in a Somerset County criminal case. Amy took an oath and said she never contacted anyone in law enforcement regarding the 2021 assault, which was a lie given the 911 call she placed, investigators noted.

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An unsecured bail for Amy was set at $25,000. Her preliminary hearing is slated for Aug. 10.

The alleged assault of Amy isn’t the only criminal case Jeff is involved in. He was also accused raping a woman in her home in 2021. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania suspended Jeff without pay until further notice, and he was eventually placed on house arrest with his parents.

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