Supply stores running out of salt with all this year’s storms

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Icy weather may be bad news for drivers but some local businesses say it’s giving them a badly needed boost.
Some shops are even selling out of common items like shovel and rock salt.
Just like many folks in Central PA Christopher and Shannon Jones are going through salt and snow shovels, trying to keep up with the weather.
“Everywhere was sold out, Lowe’s was sold out, there’s no more shovels, there’s no more salt, and it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just snow, but on top of the snow then you have these layers of ice, so it really makes it more difficult to shovel and keep up with it,” Shannon, said.

Freezing rain is taking a toll on the tools we use to clean it up.

“The snow shovels have been tough, they crack and break, because it’s been so cold,” Christopher said.
Triangle Building Supplies in Bellefonte says they’ve doubled their sales of ice chippers and snow shovels.
They’ve also sold 4,000 bags of salt, that’s twice as much as last year.
“We’ve moved 80 skids of ice melter, that’s salt and calcium combined,” Scott Corman, Purchasing Manager, Triangle Building Supplies, said.  “We’re pretty much down to the end of it right now, we’ve kind of run out, we got more coming in on Friday, but it’s been an exceptional year.”
“We bought three or four times the amount of salt this year than in previous years,” Shannon said.

Triangle Building Supplies  says the extra business is nice, because this time of year they can’t sell building materials, so it’s an income replacement.

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