HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — The stocking up of guns and ammo by Americans during the pandemic is still reflected in the price today according to Ken Westover of Allegheny Trade Company in Hollidaysburg.

Westover says that the supply chain issues continue to increase prices as companies try to ramp back up production and replenish their stock piles.

“Guns actually have started to come back down,” Westover said. “There are still some of them that are up there because they are still hard to get ahold of, revolvers and things like that. A lot of companies shut down their lines and only produced what was really selling.”

It’s the same story across the area in Philipsburg as well, where Sam Vitullo, the manager at Belding and Mull, says that they have experienced steady sales despite the high prices.

“Since 2019 ammo has at least doubled in price,” Vitullo said.

Last week concealed carry rights were back in the national spotlight as the Supreme Court struck down a New York law that was meant to regulate the practice by requiring an approved reason to carry a weapon in public areas.

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So far both owners say that they have not experienced an uptick in gun sales in response to the hearing, but have experienced surges after other rulings in the past.