Super Blue Blood Moon

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There are Super moons, there are Blood moons, and there are even Blue moons, but soon stargazers will be able to see something unusual, a Super Blue Blood Moon!

Depending on where you are on January 31st, you’ll be able to see all three of those moons in one.

A Super moon occurs when the full moon is closer to Earth and brighter than normal. A Blood moon happens when the moon takes on a reddish tint as it passes through Earth’s shadow during a Lunar Eclipse. A Blue Moon actually has nothing to do with color, it just means that it’s a second full moon happening in a single month. Earlier this month we already had a full moon on January 2nd. Our next one will be January 31st.

Here in Central PA, we will have only a partial Lunar Eclipse which will be at its maximum at 7:10 AM, and the full moon will occur at 8:26 AM on January 31st. However, it should be cool to snap a photo anytime before the sun rises on January 31st as long as the sky is clear. Our sunrise on January 31st will take place at 7:25 AM.  If you capture a picture of this rare sight, make sure to share it with us!

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