Sub shop owner honors military members with window display

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Dave Wruble opened The Sub Hub in May 2017 after retiring from Coast Guard.

Because of his time in the military, he decided he wanted to honor others in the service.

So he set up a POW MIA table in his restaurant’s window.

These tables are set up in military dining halls and each item has a different meaning.

“It may not be a military dining facility, but it’s still my dining facility and the military is a part of me,” Wruble said.

Many people who walk by Wruble’s Restuarant may not know what the table means, but it stands out to those who have served.

“It’s usually ‘that’s really cool you have a POW table,’ and they know what it means, they know what it’s for,” Wruble said.

So the table will sit in his storefront, not as an eye-catching display, but as a sign of respect.

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