Study: Washing dishes is a chore that could kill a relationship

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Nobody enjoys doing chores around the house, but can you guess the number one chore most likely to ruin a relationship? The dishes.

Plates, cups, and silverware pile up throughout the day, and one question always stands: Who is going to do them?

The Council of Contemporary Families (CCF) recently reported that the answer to this question can ultimately determine the success or failure of a relationship.

The study compared a number of household chores and found that women in heterosexual relationships want to split the responsibility of doing the dishes more than any other chore.

Women who constantly do the dishes report relationship conflict, less relationship satisfaction and bad sex more than women who split the responsibility with their partner.

According to the study, sharing responsibility for dishwashing was the single biggest source of satisfaction for women among all the household tasks, and lack of sharing of this task the single biggest source of discontent.

Sharing duties may be the way to go.

Couples who share the responsibility of doing the dishes report they have a better relationship with their partner, according to the study.

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