Students learn the seriousness of making school threats

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More than a dozen threats have been made across the Jefferson County School Districts since the Parkland shooting last month.
officials in Brookville are making sure students know how serious these consequences can be.

Recently investigations into school shooting threats have been non stop in the Jefferson County School District. 
11 petitions against students been filed since last months shooting  in Parkland. Last year not a single one was filed. 
Students at Brookville say this a new trend taking place.
Thursday, officials from Jefferson County gathered to talk about the severity of these threats and how it could impact their future. 
Greg Bazylak, a district judge in Brookville says, 
“They’re going to be held as a if it were a real threat. The police respond the firefighters respond. That takes a lot of community hours.”

This isn’t just a high school problem. The school says it had to investigate comments from some as young as kindergarten. 
That’s causing them to reevaluate procedures and let students know that the administration is taking it seriously.

Judge John Foradora didn’t want to focus on blame but let the students know help is available. They say safety starts with the students speaking up. 

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