Stores busy with after-Christmas shoppers

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Area stores were busy with customers spending gift cards and returning unwanted Christmas gifts Wednesday.

Ann and Sarah Hart decided to spend their day shopping at the DuBois Mall.

“We were looking for some sales and had some gift cards to spend, so just out having a nice day,” Ann Hart said.

“We went to Bath and Body Works, Big Lots and TJ Maxx just finding good sales,” Sarah Hart said.

The day after Christmas is a busy day for stores across the nation, and the DuBois Walmart was no different.

“Today’s been extremely crazy in here,” DuBois Walmart Co-manager Gary Leschner said. “It’s great to see the people coming in because it’s the day after Christmas and people are actually happy, and that’s what we like to see most of all.”

Customers waited in line to return gifts and unwanted Christmas items.

“My eyes rolled a little bit, but you have to do it, so might as well wait in line,” shopper Roberta Camuso said.

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