Stonycreek Township leaders look to switch school districts

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Stonycreek Township officials are considering moving their students from Greater Johnstown School District to Richland School District. However, they are in the early stages of exploring whether or not it’s even possible.

Donald Hanak, the township board of commissioners president, told WTAJ that the move might lower taxes for residents or increase the town’s tax base if new homeowners decide to move to Stonycreek Township.

“What I’m trying to do is look at what’s best for my community, the residents of the community,” Hanak said. “Nothing is going to happen unless people ask questions.”

Hanak said he spoke with Richland School District officials who told him the district is at capacity. Hanak if it’s possible, the move would not happen for several years.

“We’re not talking about an immediate change,” Hanak said.

The final decision would ultimately be made by the state board of education.

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