Staying safe this Memorial Day Weekend

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CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — This Memorial Day weekend, many will bring out their boats, tents, and grills for the first time this year. However, with there are risks with these activities.

Before enjoying your time on the water, don’t forget, “A P-F-D, personal flotation device,” said Michael Dinsmore, park manager for Greenwood Furnace State Park. “It’s important that it be properly fitting.”

Everyone onboard a boat must have a lifejacket easily accessible. Those under 12-years-old must wear one at all times.

Dinsmore advises the use of lifejackets that include a whistle.

 “So you can attract attention, get help,” said Dinsmore.

Wondering what to wear? Dinsmore said stick to the synthetics.

“The saying with water rescue and even in mountaineering is, ‘cotton kills’,” said Dinsmore. “Cotton tends to hold water close to your skin and it doesn’t wick it away.” 

If you see someone in the water who needs help, Dinsmore said, “The saying is, with water rescue, is reach, throw, row, go.” 

Reach for the person… or, throw a rope to them… or, row your boat toward them… or, go swim to their rescue.

Many will be firing up the grill this weekend as well.

 “This may be the first time that people are breaking those out for the year, so just make sure they’re clean, no gas leaks and things like that,” said Greg Alters, assistant fire chief for the Boalsburg Fire Company.

If you’re cleaning the grill with a wire brush, keep an eye out for any stray wire debris. Finding a piece of the wire in your burger can be very dangerous.

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