State College residents are cleaning up the snow

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Today folks in State College began cleaning up the overnight snow. There are a few different ways locals are digging out.

Shovel, salt, or snowblow..whatever method you prefer…many folks in State College agree it’s best to get up and clear the snow early. It may be hard work now, but it could be even harder work the longer you wait.

“It’s gonna be tough we decided to come out early and start to shovel to make it a little bit easier…” said Delaney Muldoon, State College resident.

And it doesn’t hurt to have some helpers.

“It’s a little bit hard,” said Yasmin Hamood, State College resident, “but I have some of my friends here to shovel out, so it’s going well.”

Now at the moment there are different portions of sidewalk that haven’t been cleared yet. On the top layer, just a little bit of powder snow, but underneath…rock-solid ice.

“I think with the little extra rain it made it heavy…and with this freezing cold layer, it’s easy to shovel the top layer…but to get down to the ice is pretty tough,” said Muldoon.

And it’s not just tough to clear off the roads and sidewalks.

“It’s hard to get off the car right now because it’s completely frozen solid,” said Cassandra Ross, another State College resident.

And if you plan on going anywhere, after you clear off the car, be sure to dig out around the tires, so you have traction to drive away.

Once you’re out on the road around downtown State College, folks say for the most part, you’ll have decent traction, but still be aware for spots that can freeze over.

“I think they did a pretty good job of clearing,” said Muldoon. “but with the freezing weather it seems to have frozen over, so it still is definitely pretty slippery.”

And as a reminder to those in downtown State College…residents have 24 hours from the time the snow stopped to clear off your sidewalks before you could face fines.

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