State College community reflects on lives lost in shooting

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The State College community is still reeling from Thursday’s shooting.
A 21-year-old veteran from Bellefonte shot and killed three people, injured another, and ended his own life.
Monday night, neighbors and friends were comforting each other.
Every Monday from 4 to 5 the group “Standing at the Gates of Justice” meets for a vigil at the Allen gate of the Penn State campus, off of South Allen Street and West College Avenue, in Downtown State College.

They say they’re standing up for inclusion, love, and justice.
Today they used their weekly vigil to honor the lives lost in last week’s shooting.
Tears were wiped away and hugs were given to remeber and honor the shooting victims who unexpectedly lost their lives last Thursday.

Candles were lit, prayers were said, plus moments of silence.  Strangers even holding hands Mondy night at the vigil.

Folks from different community groups spoke, sharing words of both comfort and heartache.
“I don’t think it’s completely sunk in, shots fired, lives lost, families shattered,” Michelle McMullen, Member of the Centre Region Mom’s Demand Action, said.
“83 year old George McCormick, a long time community resident and servant to this State College and Penn State community,” Ben Wideman, Coordinator for the vigil, said.  “George was active in his faith community and always willing to help those in need.”
The bar where the shooting happened, PJ harrigan’s, in the Ramada Hotel in State College, is still closed, but the restaurant re-opened Monday.

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