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You now have the chance to give your input on State College Borough’s projects and goals that will happen over the next decade.

This strategic plan will help the State College Borough pave the way to accomplish their vision and mission for the community over the next ten year.

For months the State College Borough council, a consulting firm, and community members worked to create an strategic  plan to lead the way for deciding on future projects, policies, proposals and initiatives.
The plan includes six “vision success factors”.
The first one is being “Welcoming and Engaged”.
“Penn State and a lot of the businesses attract a really intelligent, a really nice residency here and no matter their background we want them to feel like they can call State College a home,” Douglas Shontz, Communications Specialist, for the State College Borough, said.
There’s “Safe and Liveable”, meaning keeping up police trainings and maintaining as high a quality of life as possible.
Number three, be “Relational and Effectively Governed”.
“We want to make sure that everything that we’re doing is transparent first of all and that we’re able to have strong relations with anyone that’s apart of this community, that means if you have a complaint about a construction project that’s going on, on a street, you reach out to us,” Shontz said.
The last three are “Vibrant and Prosperous”, “Planned and Sustainable” and “Fiscally Stable”.
The borough wants your input on this whole plan.
“What we’re looking now is to see do people agree with this vision,?”  Shontz said.  “Do they agree with the success factors?  What’s missing?  What needs to be added?  This is really a great opportunity for the public to get involved in this process.”
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