State College Borough Council member responds to shooting comment

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Last month, a State College councilwoman made a statement during a meeting about being so upset she could just shoot someone.

No one on the borough council has talked to lafer about her comments, and she will not be asked to make a public apology.

But some in the community aren’t so forgiving.

When asked for a waiver to allow more than 60 trucks at a construction site in State College,
Councilwoman Theresa Lafer said in the February 11th meeting to the contractor quote,

“I can probably survive listening to the ka-chunk ka-chunk machine, but if I have to listen to the ka-chunk ka-chunk machine and sixty trucks, I might have a small insane moment where I shoot somebody.”
Mayor Don Hahn says what Lafer said was inappropriate and she needs to consider a better approach to speaking at these meetings.

“Thinking before speaking is probably a good policy not only a good policy for not only for council members but also generally among elected officials,” Mayor Hahn said.
“In addition to being inappropriate it was also very bad timing.”
Hahn is referring to how sensitive people are in State College right now after the January 24th shooting in which Jordan Witmer shot and killed 3 people then killed himself.
Councilwoman Lafer said in an email to WTAJ, 
“Some people sleeping through this is physiologically difficult or even impossible.”  
She did not apologize or take back anything she said.
David Stone, Theresa Lafer’s neighbor says he wasn’t happy with her comments.
Lafer’s neighbor David Stone was at the meeting that night. He wants her to apologize.
“We do need to be careful that violent language imagery doesn’t become accepted around here,” Stone said.
The Borough Council did allow the contractors the noise waiver to use their 60 plus trucks at three AM.

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