State College Area School District Waiting for the “All Clear” for Buildings With Mold

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State College, Pa- The State College Area School District (SCASD) is dealing with mold in some buildings.  

The main question on many minds: Will the three buildings affected by mold be ready by next Monday (the first student day)?

WTAJ spoke with SCASD’s Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Vernon Bock, who felt confident that all three buildings affected by the mold will be safe for students and teachers by next Monday.

SCASD is currently awaiting air test results, but currently teachers at Mount Nittany Middle School cannot currently get into their building to prepare for their classrooms for the upcoming school year.

“Unfortunately we do have some staff members by it, in having to wait to get into their spaces to set those up,” Bock said.

But at the moment safety is a main priority for Bock, who says the school is working with an independent contractor to clean up the mold and test the buildings for air quality. Some mold tests have already come back.

“The initial indication from the independent contractor was that this WAS NOT any type of black mold that’s harmful… it’s the white mold that’s a variety which, if you have some asthma or allergies it could impact you,” Bock said.

But there still is no confirmation that the areas of the building containing mold are safe to enter.

“We wouldn’t allow any students or staff or families to ever enter the building, until we get the all clear,” Bock said.

The air quality test results from all three buildings where mold was found (Mount Nittany Middle School, Corl Street Elementary, and Radio Park Elementary) will be reported to SCASD tomorrow. SCASD told WTAJ they will publish the results from the air quality tests to the community.

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