State College and Altoona ranked in ‘Top 25 Safest Cities for Families’ List

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State College and Altoona have both been recognized as one of the Top Safest Cities for Families by for categories like employment rates and good crime, level of education, and work commute times.

State College ranked 2nd on the list with a Family Safe City Score of 2184.87. Gettysburg was ranked 7th and Bloomsburg was ranked 10th.

Altoona ranked 20th with a Family Safe City Score of 2161.32.

Several other Pennsylvania cities were also on the ‘Top 25 Safest Cities for Families’ List, including State College, Gettysburg, and Bloomsburg.

The complete list of the Safest Cities for Families is below:

RankCity, STPopulationFamily Safe City Score
1Logan, UT138,0782190.34
2State College, PA162,7982184.87
3Provo, UT*616,7392182.20
4Harrisonburg, VA133,9392180.66
5Midland, MI83,6322174.76
6Wausau, WI135,8952173.07
7Gettysburg, PA102,3662172.18
8Appleton, WI235,5282171.67
9Mankato, MN*100,9262169.70
10Bloomsburg, PA*84,6692168.94
11Rochester, MN218,1862166.70
12Corvallis, OR90,1422164.61
13Ames, IA98,2602164.38
14Bangor, ME151,8872163.99
15Fort Knox, KY*149,5352162.88
16Fond du Lac, WI102,2432162.19
17Dubuque, IA97,3942162.14
18Eau Claire, WI167,4992161.93
19Charlottesville, VA233,1922161.47
20Altoona, PA124,3372161.32
21Oshkosh, WI*170,4052161.00
22Portland, ME*533,8112159.70
23Sheboygan, WI115,4482159.42
24Idaho Falls, ID145,2762158.23
25Lynchburg, VA261,1472157.26

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