State College-A good place for college and retirement?

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When you think of who loves to live in State College, you might first think of students.
Happy Valley is now getting national recognition as a college town, and as a great place to retire.

State College is ranked as the best college town in Pennsylvania and among the top for the entire country.  That’s according to the guidebook, “America’s one hundred best places to retire”.
Doris and Glenn Carter met at Penn State in 1954., and were married two years later. 
Although they’ve moved away for job opportunities in the past, they say Happy Valley lured them back.

“Many many of us come here and we’re going to stay for two years and then something happens and we never leave,” Doris Carter, Resident, Foxdale Village Retirement Community, said.
“I like the diversity of opportunities here, both for volunteering and for opportunities to participate in activities and clubs and organizations,” Glenn Carter, Resident, at Foxdale Village Retirement Community, said.
College students say State College offers a lot for them too, just in different ways. “

“It’s a pretty safe town, because it’s not a city,” Abigail Roman-White, student at Penn State, said  “It’s very calm and relaxing, so I think it’s just a great environment, because there’s a lot of opportunities and new people to meet “
In the guidebook, “America’s One Hundred Best Places to Retire” it uses to size, climate, amenities and lifestyle to judge cities for best retirement place and also best college town.
So, how does Happy Valley appeal to both Baby Boomers and Millennials?
“A lot of those people that went to school here, because they were so busy with school, didn’t have the time to check out some of the other things that are going on all around them here, so although
State College is where they’re retiring, with time on their hands they’ve got the ability to go out and explore some of the scenery that you see in the background there,” Fritz Smith, Executive Director, for Central PA Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, said.

He says after these new rankings, the visitor’s bureau is going to focus on marketing State College to people in their in their late thirties to mid fifties.

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