St Marys restaurant hopes to inspire others to bring local business to Elk County

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Inside ‘Tablespoons’ in St Marys is owner Karen Mohney. She’s working hard to live out her dream. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do, was have a little restaurant,” says Mohney. 

The cafe and deli opened it’s doors back in October of 2015. The St Marys native says the area was much different when she was growing up. “It was the hub. You know you could pretty much purchase anything downtown. I would love to see that happen again.”

It’s a family affair at her business. Karen works alongside her son, Andrew Mohney. They have fresh perspectives on their menu and in their community. “We wanted to be one of the first stepping stones to get our community back to where it should be,” adds Andrew. 

However, the 28-year-old plays a much bigger role outside of the cafe. He serves on the City Council and is a member of the St Marys Chamber board.

Andrew knows first hand how hard start-up businesses can be, but says the other local businesses are there for support. “I think it’s important to stress that nobody’s competing with each other. We have a very close-knit family here so if I need something I know another business owner would be there to pick me up and vice versa,” says Andrew.

The Mohney’s are hoping their success can serve as an example to inspire others. Karen says those who have dreams of owning a restaurant can make it happen in town. “Just do it. Take a chance. You’ll be surprised,” says the business owner.  

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