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A survey by the National Safety Commission finds that 71-percent of Americans don’t know what they’re required to do when they see a police car or a tow truck pulled off along the highway.
That’s despite the fact all states have some form of Slow Down and Move Over Law.

The Spirit Ride stopped in Duncansville on Friday. It’s a year-long coast to coast campaign to raise public awareness of the Slow Down—Move Over Laws. Or as we call it here in Pennsylvania , the Steer Clear Law.

The Spirit Ride features an RV painted with the image of first responders, and tow truck drivers. In front it, a ceremonial casket   represents workers killed at the scene of highway incidents..

Spirit Ride Ambassador Mike Corbin says every six days a tow  truck diver is killed on the highway and more than 100 first responders are killed every year on the nation’s roadways.

In Pennsylvania, the Steer Clear Law requires you to move over or slow down when you encounter an emergency scene, traffic stop or disabled vehicle. You’re also asked, if possible,  to pull over and pass in a lane,  not adjacent to the emergency response area.

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