Specifics on Video Evidence and Testimony Presented at Beta Theta Pi Brother’s Preliminary Hearing

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Bellefonte, Pa- The last testimony given on the first day (Tuesday) of what is now the 4th preliminary hearing for 7 Beta Theta Pi brothers came from Detective Dave Scicchitano who laid out what he stated to be the facts of the entire night of Piazza’s death including all actions involving the 7 brothers involved in this hearing:

Brendon Young, Daniel Casey, Michael Bonatucci, Nicholas Kubera, Jonah Neuman, Braxton Becker, and Joshua Kurczewski.

Many brothers may be looking at reckless endangerment charges and some involuntary manslaughter charges for their role in pledge Timothy Piazza’s death.

Detective Scicchitano outlined each brother’s role in an obstacle course of different drinking games, pointing out different brothers on what was hours of surveillance video analysis in the courtroom… ending with the party after the obstacle course. Later a staggering Piazza was shown while pointing out those around him throughout the entire evening.

The main purpose of this testimony is to establish the facts as they occurred the night of piazza’s death….such that the hearing can move forward and begin to, from the prosecution’s standpoint, pinpoint the specific charges against each brother.

The defense’s main strategy thus far is to place blame on the individual pledges, like Piazza, making the argument they made a conscious decision to drink.

The hearing will continue tomorrow, and may last throughout the week. WTAJ will continue to bring you coverage of the hearings.

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