Spanier’s attorneys released statement following AG’s appeal

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Graham Spanier’s attorneys Samuel Silver and Bruce Merenstein released a statement in response to Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s statement.

This was the full statement they released:

We are dismayed that the Pennsylvania Attorney General, the highest law enforcement official in the state, would blatantly and prejudicially misrepresetn facts in a public announcement of his intent to appeal the federal court’s ruling that Graham Spanier’s conviction violated the United States Constitution.

Contrary to Attorney General Shapiro’s statement, there is no evidence that Graham Spanier was personally advised that children were being sexually abused. And Attorney General General Shapiro knows that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made nothing “crystal clear” abour Dr. Spanier’s conduct, as it did not hear this case on the merits at any time.

We are stunned that Mr. Shapiro accuses Dr. Spanier of engaging in a “cover-up,” when a jury expressly acquitted Dr. Spanier of having engaged in a conspiracy or a continuing course of conduct.

We will continue to defend Dr. Spanier against this overzealous and unlawful prosecution. And we will continue to do so in the courts, where the dispute belongs — and not through hyperbolic statements like that of the Attorney General.”

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