Some say this former tuberculosis sanatorium, prison has a haunted past

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CRESSON, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — In Cresson, Pennsylvania there is abandoned property that some say has a haunted past.

One of the original buildings on the property

“So there are so many different types of history here,” Pam Crisci, a paranormal investigator from Ghost Hunts USA, said. “Over 100 years of history. From sanatorium times until prison and everything in between.”

Construction began on a tuberculosis sanatorium in the early 1900s. The first patients were admitted in December 1912, but the official opening was in December 1913. It was a place for sick kids and adults to come to for isolation and care.

“During that time tuberculosis was still pretty new and there were experimental treatments done,” Crisci said. “The experiments and treatments that went on were not pleasant. There was a lot of death. There was a lot of not knowing.”

Inside the chapel

The property later turned into a hospital and psychiatric center before it became a medium security prison known as SCI-Cresson, which opened in the 1980s.

“So they had everyone from serial killers to murderers,” Crisci explained. “Any kind of crime you could possibly commit.”

The facility closed in 2013 and the current owners, Big House Produce, now use the grounds for a variety of Agricultural projects. They also allow visitors to schedule times to visit the grounds.

In July, Ghost Hunts USA started offering paranormal investigating because some say the residents on this property are spirits from a bygone era.

A look inside one of the jail cells

“Here is the weird thing about this place,” Crisci said while in one of the buildings. “You always feel like you are being watched or someone is following you. People have seen shadow figures, apparitions, we hear everything from knocks to actual voices.”

The property’s unique history brings with it the perfect storm of emotions.

“So you have heartache, loss, forgiveness, remorse and hope,” Crisci said. “There is a lot of emotion that goes on up here.”

While touring the grounds, you will have access to seven buildings. Ghost Hunts USA will show you how to investigate by providing you with equipment and teaching you how to use it. They also give you ways and techniques on different ways to bring out the spirits for communication. They then let you explore on your own.

A former x-ray lab

“Every place has unanswered questions,” Crisci said. “Everybody there is trying to figure out what is life after death? Is there life after death? Can you communicate?”

Many mysteries remain as well as unexplained deaths. There are questions only the people who once lived on the property can answer.

“That’s the thing, we come here to find their stories,” Crisci explained. “We want to know. We ask them to please tell us your story. You won’t be forgotten. You are able to speak.”

Every building has a life of its own. A story hidden in the walls.

A look inside one building you can tour

“It is definitely haunted,” Crisci said.

The Ghost Hunts USA tours are offered throughout the year. The overnight tours last from 8:30 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. Daytime tours are also available until October 31.

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