Solicitor: Mayor can reinstate fired police chief through grievances

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Monday night the Curwensville Mayor announced he was reinstating the police chief, the Borough Council fired last week.

Ryan Sayers, Solicitor for the Curwensville Borough says there is in fact a way where Mayor Adams has the power to reinstate the fired Mark Kelly as Police Chief.

Bobby Haley, has known former Kelly for most of his life. He didn’t see the negligence, disobedience of orders or unbecoming conduct the Curwensville Borough Council said they fired Kelly for.

“I have not seen any reason to why the accusations were said upon him,” Haley, said.

At a special hearing on July 15th, the borough council fired Police Chief Mark Kelly.

This past Monday, Mayor John Adams Jr. announced that he was reinstating Kelly, something the council said by law he did not have the power to do.

The solicitor, or lawyer, for the borough and Mayor Adams spent Tuesday researching to see if there are any laws that give Adams that power.

“The mayor and what he stated last night however was incorrect, and he was able to produce or find any statute that gave him the authority to rehire Mr. Kelly as a police officer in the borough,” Sayers, said.

He says there’s another way though Mayor Adams could reinstate Kelly.

“Via the union contract and the grievance process, the Mayor does have a right under the contract to address the grievances,” Sayers, said. “If the Mayor agrees with the grievance and sustains the grievance than at that point it’s deemed resolved and Mr. Kelly would be rehired.”

Haley says he’s optimistic Kelly will be reinstated.

“I would like to see him come back, but with the council doing what they did to him, it would be kind of tough for me personally to come back,’ Haley, said.

The Curwensville Borough Council is holding a special meeting at the borough building Friday at noon. At that time Mayor Adams would be able to sustain Kelly’s grievance, through the union, thereby reinstating him.

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