BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Bedford County Correctional inmate is facing even more charges after allegedly attacking another inmate that happens to be a witness for the state.

Amanda Messersmith, 32, is facing more charges after an agent from the Attorney General’s Office was monitoring one of her calls to the outside from April 12. During the call, the agent heard her talk about punching an inmate and then blaming the prison guards.

“They f***d up. We shouldn’t be near each other, but I saw her coming,” she reportedly told the person she was on the phone with. She told the caller she asked the inmate if she was “getting up for this” and when told no, she told the caller: “So I started swinging.”

The inmate was said to be a witness for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in a separate case against Messersmith.

In 2021, Messersmith was charged after selling meth to confidential informants.

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Messersmith later received 60 days in “the hole” (Restricted Housing Unit) for the attack on the inmate. She now faces charges of retaliation against a witness.