Snow on I-80 Haults Truck Drivers

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Truck drivers who drove on I-80 Thursday say they saw lines of trucks backed up and some even that jack-knifed.

Truck drivers Michael Shuler and Marcus Upshaw from Florida say after a long day of driving their company told them to stop for the night.

“We started out coming out through Ohio, Indiana, a little sleet, a little rain, then it started snowing on us, the roads got real bad, we had to pull it to the side…northing we could do,” Shuler, said.

“The lanes got down about, one traffic lane…and you couldn’t see the edge of the road,” Upshaw said.

T.J. Stubbs says he was supposed to get on a plane in Williamsport, but because of cancellations, had to drive.

“Off the interstate the roads are terrible, on the interstate it’s a lot better, you hit good patches, you hot bad patches.”
Those drivers also say they saw plenty of reasons why it’s better to play it safe when it comes to driving in Winter weather.

“A car flipped over…you can’t speed in this stuff,” Shuler said.
PennDOT wants to remind drivers turning on your headlights and windshield wipers is the law. 
Also. you could get a ticket if snow or ice from your car hits another person and hurts or kills them.

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