ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ)– Pennsylvania casinos reached a record revenue for gambling in the past year, recording over five billion dollars. But they aren’t the only ones seeing an increase in gaming.

You’ve probably seen Pennsylvania Skill games in bars, restaurants and even gas stations. A Beaver County court in 2014 ruled that Pace-O-Matic, the maker of Pennsylvania Skill games, is not operating illegal gambling devices. This is because the games require some level of skill to win, rather than just chance like your average casino slot machine.

What used to be a children’s clothing store in the Logan Valley Mall is now home to Phil’s Skills, which offers a wide array of games. Manager Phil Helsley says that they normally get around fifty visitors a day who are trying to leave richer than when they first came. There is one main attraction Phil said when playing skill-based games.

“You get paid your cash on hand, no taxes taken out like when you go to the big casinos,” Helsley said.

Phil said that he expects more regulations to come to the industry in the future.

“They’re going to eventually because the casinos are going to lobby against us, they aren’t going to give away free money when they have to pay a license,” Helsley continued.

Although they are technically not considered gambling by the state, Judy Rosser, the executive director of Blair Drugs and Alcohol Partnerships, said that the game still presents a risk for those with or who may develop a gambling addiction.

“Those bells and whistles, lights that go off when you win stimulate dopamine in the brain,” Rosser said. “Which when you look at addictive behaviors that’s exactly what happens with addiction.”

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Rosser said that she agrees with Helsley that more regulation will be coming to the industry soon.

“Right now what you have are lobbyists for the casinos who are looking at this going wait a minute,” Rosser said.