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SOMERSET, Pa. (WTAJ) — State Police have arrested three men and three women after monitoring traffic at the Roof Garden Trailer Park due to recent drug activity.

The incident happened on March 24, just after 8 p.m. when troopers stopped a vehicle that was leaving the trailer park. They report that Erin Hess, 39, to be under the influence and they searched the vehicle. according to the report, police found 14 grams of crystal meth, 45 baggies of heroin, and 3 packages of suboxone.

Police identified both passengers as Eric Converso, 41, and Thomas Granny, 40. Information was given to police that narcotics were purchased at 114 David Lane and a nighttime search warrant was issued.

Members of PSP Greensburg and PWP Somerset Turnpike Station assisted in the search.

Courtney Helmick, 20, Michael Knisely, 29, and Valerie Svonavec, 26, were all detained at the residence. Police report the search found 45 grams of crystal meth, 59 baggies of heroin, marijuana, assorted paraphernalia, and $667 in cash.

All six were processed and placed in Somerset County Jail to be arraigned on posession with intent to delivery charges, among possible others.

Erin Hess was found to be concealing another 14 bags of heroin in a body cavity that will result in additional charges.


Erin Hess, 39, F, Mount Pleasant, Pa
Eric Converso, 41, Wayno, Pa
Thomas Granny, 40, West Newton, Pa
Michael Knisely, 29, Boswell, Pa
Courtney Helmick, 20, Somerset, Pa
Valerie Svonavec, 26, Rockwood, Pa

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