Sinking situation causing concerns in Huntingdon County

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Rainy days in Huntingdon County are only causing problems for the area.

A sinkhole has sat near the downtown area since November. It’s right next to a playground so it’s boarded up and gated, but residents are still concerned.

“It’s a hazardous situation,” Jim Cassatt said. “As you look around here people walk by and they joke about it. The majority of people don’t realize how serious it is.”

We’re told water travels underneath the town. When there’s heavy rain, mixed with the aging infrastructure, it eats away at the soil and causes problems like sinkholes.

Some, like Kay Rossman, fear more will keep forming.

“We need to do something to alleviate and eliminate these problems or our town is going to collapse,” Rossman said.

The borough council is working with engineers to patch up the hole. The mayor said it will be done before it has the chance to get worse.

“As soon as it’s approved, it’s all hands on deck to get the problem fixed,” Mayor David Wessels explained

Residents told us it might take more than a quick fix to make sure problems don’t keep happening.

“I think it’s a situation where many years this problem has existed and no one has done anything about it,” Cassatt said.

We’re told it’s going to take around $175,000 to fix the sinkhole.

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