Should first responders injured on the job receive more than standard workers comp.?

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Clearfield, Pa- Keith Washburn works full time for an EMS company in St. Mary’s and part time with Clearfield EMS, in addition to volunteering as a firefighter.

Washburn was injured on the job, and according to his co-workers is is not in the best financial situation on worker’s comp.

Washburn’s co-workers say he has a cheerful personality and never complains when a job has to be done.

That’s why they say it was an easy decision to begin fundraising efforts to help Washburn and his wife this holiday season… given Washburn is only getting about 67% of his normal paycheck (standard workers compensation in PA).

Washburn is recovering from a broken femur… an injury he sustained over a week ago while attempting to help those in an accident on I-80 South.

And while local efforts to help Washburn financially are underway,  the Executive Director of Clearfield EMS, Terry Wigfield, feels the government could do more to pinch-in for first responders injured on the job.

“There’s a lot of things for EMS and firefighters that I believe the government could help us out with. Unfortunately there’s only so much money to go around… and we’re kind of the last thought in everybody’s mind. Until something like this happens,” Wigfield said.

Washburn’s co-workers say he expects to return to work by February or March. But until then, they’re looking to create a go-fund-me page, and host a spaghetti dinner to raise money for him while he recovers.

Washburn’s co-workers say gift cards, checks, and cash can be mailed to:

Keith Washburn, care of Traci Webber

571 Haytown Road Curwensville, PA 16838

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