Shirt company donates thousands to shooting victim’s families

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A local company has raised thousands of dollars for the victims of the tree of life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh by selling t-shirts.

American Eagle Screen Print and Embroidery made these shirts because they wanted to help the families of the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting.  They did not know how much these shirts would take off. 

Within hours of the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in October of last year a customer asked the Johnstown-based business if they would make a shirt to remember the victims.

“We got our team together to see if we could pull it off to print the shirts and do it quick enough,” Jody Altemus, Assistant to the Owner, American Eagle Screen Print and Embroidery, said.
There was so much interest they created an order page online.  Shirts started selling to people across the country.
“We sold a lot more than we thought we would, and you know we’re just happy to give as much as we could to them and hopefully this does benefit the families in a way that would help them,” Bradley Michael, Art Director, American Eagle Screen Print and Embroidery, said.  “I know it’s not going to help them get through it, but kind of see a brighter side to it.”
In less than three months they raised more than 46 hundred dollars.
.”That was exciting to learn the number that we had reached, it was overwhelming to know that we had made that much money and gained that much support with what we were doing,” Altemus, said.
American Eagle Screen Print and Embroidery says they will continue selling those shirts and donating the proceeds to the victims as long as people continue to buy them.

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