Sharing a love of the banjo

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Mike Amato has a musical story to tell.

“This is our 7th business,” he said.

The first six in other communities failed, but 11 years ago, a new tune, he and his wife opened the Bedford Banjoy Shop.

“Well we’re making a living here. so its rewarding, satisfying, able to meet needs of community, needs of our clientle,” the co-owner said.

They serve clients with 200 miles of Bedford.

“When they’re happy, it’s success,” Amato said.

He loves shaaring the love of the banjo in this shop below his home.

“if they come here, they say we like your shop, we’ll be back, we feel at home here, we hear that a lot,” Amato said. “What more could you want”

He couldn’t be happier in this town.

“It’s everything you’d expect a community to be,” he said.

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